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 My interest in films started around my junior, maybe senior year of high school. Around that time (I had already been writing creatively) I dreamed of going to film school–at NYU. I got discouraged because of my grades and I didn’t think I was talented or smart enough to go film school. I wasn’t like the other kids who were already making movies. So I settled. Went to a local college (Sac State) and fumbled around trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I did a stint in journalism, but  I ended up coming back to film. I studied film theory and history, and took some required production classes. I took creative writing classes as well and made my own shorts outside of school. Studying film theory and history was a wonderful experience. I don’t have formal training in filmmaking, but I am working with what I know, what I see, my influences, and now–as I work on “Departure’–I’m using the skills I aquired in film school: the theory and the practice, as well as my own learnings and experiences after graduating a little over a year ago. "Departure” is important to me because I get to try something new. I get to sit in the director seat another time and with more knowledge and insight into films and filmmaking and yet still be a novice. I get to play around with these tools, and hopefully learn more. I’m a writer at heart. Not I’m not the best, but the willingness to be better is always there, and I love that I can take chances in order to be a good writer.What’s happening with this film is the same thing–I’m taking a chance and seeing what I can do. And I thank you for coming with me on my journey. 

The people you will see in this trailer are Armani Jackson and Hayley Zuercher two of my close friends. Armani  is a musician, rapper, and poet. Hayley, is a musician, vocalist, and poet. Although not trained actors, their spirit and willingness to make decent art has and will carry this project through. They play the roles of Chuck and Liz, an interracial couple about to break up. More specifically, it’s about the pain of breaking up, of change. I don’t make this film to be cynical, or down, but to show that change happens, is hard, is necessary, and hopefully will be for the better…you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

This trailer is to show you some of what to expect, it’s to get you ready. It’s show you what we, myself, my crew, and actors, are trying to do. And I appreciate you taking a look. This was shot and edited by me, and the music is an original piece by the Basement Brothers. Luckily, we’ll have a director of photography: Giovanni Martinez who will be doing a better job than me lol  If you like to donate to our film, or spread the word, please visit our Kickstarter

I will be posting more stuff on this site about the film, film process, cast and crew members and photos. Thank you. 

Jordon Briggs (writer, director, co producer)


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