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Updated: Sep 18, 2021


Wiki sounds like nobody else out and carries the potential to be one of the most creative lyricists in hip hop. Wiki has that unique personality mix of not taking himself too seriously, but paying close attention to his work and the thoughts that roam through his head, and he's self assured but able to be honest and expressive when he has doubts.


This comes through in his songs, and makes the sound enjoyable and expansive on fun songs and even when he’s rapping over dark beats and deals with dark subject matter. When Wiki raps goofy, reflective, telling lyrics and stories about success, dedication to the art form, blowing money on booze, domestic life or brings you into a morning of syaing aloud self affirmations disguised as a song, over minimal, bouncy beats reminiscent of late 90s New York and recalls Big Pun and Ruff Ryders, he makes living the anti 9-5, hustling life, sound just as awesome as being wealthy and famous. If you want to listen to some body rolling, grimy, existential Hip Hop then check out Wiki.


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