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A Landmark Moment in Latin History on Your TV Screen

From a recent episode of Jane The Virgin on the CW

This fills me with so much joy. Two of the great Latina actresses on screen together. Rosario Dawson (left)  legend, chameleon, amazing person, activist, and one of the best actresses in hollywood today and for a long time. Gina Rodriguez,(right) rising star,  activist, resounding style, amazing person, one of the best actress today and one of the best up and coming actresses of today. This moment is historical. Rarely are Latina and latinos ever represented on screen, let alone together in a show or film. And these two are phenomenal actresses, one a legend, and one a legend in the making. This makes me so happy to see this. Utter joy. This two shot is so on purpose haha This is a moment in TV history and should have been talked about all over the internet. If you haven’t watched Jane the Virgin starring Rodriguez (my fellow Leo) check it out. It is one of the best shows on television right now. If you haven’t checked out Daredevil, Luke Cage, or The Defenders, featuring Dawson, check those out! Good shows and she is her brilliant self in all of them. Let’s make this a moment. More representation and stories of Latina/a Chicana/o Dominican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, South American, and Afro Latina/o on screen! WOO


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