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Welcome to the River!

Come through and join Jordon at the River where once every month, Jordon puts together themed collections of music ranging from Movie Songs to Spiritual Hip Hop and R&B, and tells personal stories connected to the music, talks music history, culture, film, and more. All from his sensing way of curating songs, deep love for sharing, and fulfillment in connecting people to things,  Jordon brings the best of the best in music and above all else relation. It all flows at the Jordon River! Thank you for listening and enjoy!

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Episode Fifteen Part Two: The Hip Hop Documentary--Discussing "A Man Named Scott: The Kid Cudi Story"
featuring D'Artagnan Byrd

Welcome to part two of episode fifteen where Jordon and guest D'Artagnan continue their discussion of  the The Hip Hop Documentary! On this episode the two bring in to their talk the recently released documentary on music artist Kid Cudi, entitled "A Man named Scott: The Kid Cudi Story", directed by Robert Alexander which chronicles the career of Kid Cudi, and his impact and life as one of the most influential music artists in the last decade. D'Art and Jordon discuss how the Kid Cudi's story in the documentary effect them, the way documentary shows Kid Cudi's influence and impact in hip hop, how Kid Cudi's style of a mixture of singing and "just saying it" rap ushered hip hop into a new sound and a new way to express, as well as other topics the documentary discusses such as vulnerability in hip hop, mental health, Cudi's struggles with fame, and how to heal and grow in this life. Along with discussing the movie, the two pose the question: how does this documentary fit into the history of Hip Hop Documentaries? They also talk about the importance of the existence of hip hop documentaries in a world that still sees hip hop as only entertainment and not serious music. Also, just like in part one, in this episode you'll get to hear the rest of D'Art's 25 songs that helped him fall in love with hip hop. You'll get to hear classic hip hop tracks, examples of the humanity often believed to be non existent in hip hop, exquisite music production, and amazing song writing. Thank you for listening to the Jordon River Radio Show! Enjoy this episode! 

Written by Jordon Briggs and D'Artagnan Byrd. Produced by Jordon Briggs, D'Artagnan Byrd, and Emily Yamauchi. Mixed by Stephen Logan. 



1. Brooklyn Zoo--Ol' Dirty Bastard

2. F Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')--Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg

3. Won't Do--J Dilla

4. So Ghetto--Jay-Z

5. The Blast--Reflection Eternal feat. Vinia Mojica

6. Made You Look--Nas

7. Drop--The Pharcyde

8. Award Tour--A Tribe Called Quest

9. We Still Party--DJ Quik

10. Deep Fried Frenz--MF DOOM

11.Paid in Full--Eric B and Rakim

12. T.R.O.Y.--Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Episode Fifteen Part One: The Hip Hop Documentary- Forms of Hip Hop Docs and Discussing Jeen-Yuhs ft. D'Artagnan Byrd

Welcome to part one of Episode Fifteen on Documentaries on Hip Hop or what guest D'Artagnan Byrd and Jordon are calling the Hip Hop Documentary! On this episode the two discuss what a hip hop documentary is which, they find, isn't just one kind of film, but an ever developing form of movie that explores the many areas with the genre and culture of Hip Hop music. Along with discussing this genre of film, Jordon and D'Art talk about documentary's importance to hip hop and film viewership, they discuss some of their favorite hip hop docs, and just some of many different forms of hip hop docs from traditional documentary, to live documentary, the concert documentary, the docs on the diversity in hip hop, and more.

With thinking about what the Hip Hop Documentary is and having a desire to discuss this film, D'Art and Jordon take time to review and discuss the three part docuseries Jeen-Yuhs which chronicles the early rise to success of Kanye West and how he's still evolving as a person and artist. With the review, the two look at the importance of Jeen Yuhs as a film and its importance to hip hop, and how it fits into the history of hip hop docs. 

Throughout the episode you'll also hear some awesome music! On the show, Jordon wants the audience to get know the guest beyond their opinions and stories, which is why D'Artagnan is the one curating the music for this time around!  He will be the first guest on the show to DJ live and in person. For part one and part two, you'll get to hear 25 songs that made D'Artagnan fall in love with hip hop! These songs range from known hip hop classics, examples of legendary lyrical abilities, showcases in exceptional song writing, songs with memorable production, and tracks representing different types of hip hop. 

Stay tuned for part two where Jordon and D'Art discuss the film A Man Named Scott, the documentary on Kid Cudi! Thank you for listening and coming through to the Jordon River Radio Show!

Written by Jordon Briggs and D'Artagnan Byrd. Produced by Jordon Briggs, D'Artagnan Byrd, and Emily Yamauchi. Recorded by Jordon Briggs. Mixed by Stephen Logan



1. DNA--Kendrick Lamar
2. International Players Anthem--UGK feat. Outkast
3. Dipset Anthem--Diplomats
5. Guess Who's Back--Scarface feat. Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel 
6.Monopoly--Danny Brown
7. We Gone Make It--Jadakiss feat. Styles P
8. Loving It--Little Brother feat. Joe Scudda
9. Da Bumble--E-40
10. Get Money--Junior M.A.F.I.A.
11. C.R.E.A.M.-- Wu-Tang Clan
12. I Used to Love H.E.R.--Common

Episode Fourteen: The Music of and Conversation with Uncanny

Hello and welcome back to the Jordon River Radio Show, for episode fourteen! On this episode Jordon talks with his good friend, music producer Uncanny. The two have known each other since the existence of Myspace Music and have been friends since. And although this interview is actually the first time they have ever met, their conversation, like always is easy, and filled with intelligence, mutual love for music, and an excitement about creating. Uncanny has produced music for a number of emcees, and as the provider of the music he has helped artists either hone a specific sound, be a partner in an artist experimenting, provided a certain mood and energy in his music that inspires all kinds of songs, or helped an artist realize their vision. Along with being a teammate to artists, Uncanny is an artist himself having released a good amount of instrumental albums which showcase his gift of sampling, programming, and song making. When you listen to Uncanny's instrumentals you can hear a variety of emotions and experiences expressed and made relatable by the way Uncanny constructs his music. Throughout this episode, you’ll hear music that will reflect your inner self, get you grooving, and enrich you. 

In their conversation, Uncanny shares what made him choose the path of a music producer,  and talks with Jordon about his aim to preserve the records he uses in his music in order to show the listener something new or provide a new way of hearing something familiar. The two talk about what motivates Uncanny to want to produce, his relationship to making music after years of creating, the importance of being yourself as a creative, his favorite musical memories, and a lot more! Throughout the show, you’ll hear the different styles of music from boom bap, soul, west coast hip hop, reimagined Japanese funk, R&B, and some collaborations with artists that all come together to give you a brief but lasting experience of Uncanny!


Recorded by Jordon Briggs, Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi, Mixed by Stephen Logan.




1. Hello Sunshine—Abanga, Produced by Uncanny

2. Who Do You Love—from Samurai Soul Vol. 1

3. Can’t Love You—from Ronin Revenge EP

4. TV Scene—from Ronin Redemption

5. Oooh Baby—from Ronin Redemption

6. You Like My Style—C. Reid, Produced by Uncanny from Hold Me Down

7. Matsubara—from The Ronin Returns EP

8. Rescue Me—from Ronin Revenge EP

9. Dreamboat—from Ronin Redemption

10. Two on Stage—from Ronin Redemption

11. Slow (Purp)—Jimmi Stone, Produced by Uncanny

12. Stay—from Samurai Soul Vol. 2

13. 2sidez—Jae Forever, Produced by Uncanny from Reality Bites

14. Help Me—from Ronin Revenge EP

15. Mercury—from Bushido Beats Volume One

16. Get Lonely—from The Ronin Returns EP

17. Count on Me—from Ronin Redemption

18. Totally Convinced—from Ronin Revenge EP

19. Flying High—from Ronin Revenge EP

20. 18 Million Dollar Baby—Yung J, Produced by Uncanny from The Pre-Draft: Player Evaluation

21. Look At Me— from Music Soul Food

22. Tomoko —from The Ronin Returns EP

23. Soul Rebel— from Wonderful Tunes Vol. 1

24. Out of the Blue—from Samurai Soul Vol. 2

25. Sweeter Tomorrow—from The Ronin Returns EP

26. Sweetest Pain— from Bushido Beat Volume One


Please check out Uncanny’s music by visiting:

Episode Thirteen: Creating Understanding for the
AAPI Community

Welcome to Episode Thirteen of The Jordon River Radio Show! On this episode in order to continue to doing something to combat the racially motivated attacks on the AAPI community that still continue two years into the global pandemic, and help in this community's fight for equality in general, Jordon speaks out on the constant attacks on members of the Asian American Pacific Islander community, as well as offers suggestions people can take to aid AAPI community folks in their struggle, and takes time to highlight and discuss just some of the long, rich history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders fight for equality in the United States.


The show begins with Jordon revisiting a proclamation he made in an essay he wrote two years ago on this issue that unfortunately came true. It took the rise of attacks and loss of life concerning the APPI community last year to get this country paying attention to what was happening to this community. Even more unfortunate, the attention on these attacks have nearly disappeared with our country continuing it's action in ignoring the issues of racism the AAPI community deals with. This is partially Jordon's motivation for choosing the radio show to continue to try and help. He attempts to bring back into public consciousness what Asians Americans and Pacific Islanders have been going through by highlighting different victims of attacks and discussing the unequal treatment of a community close to his heart. In the second segment, Jordon provides ways for those wanting to help in the AAPI community's fight for equality and equal protection and ways to engage in AAPI Heritage month as a way to not only celebrate this community, but to be able to approach aiding this community from a humanity place first. Jordon discusses what it means to treat others as human beings and how doing this can help a community fighting to be treated equally. Jordon then takes time to highlight and help the listener remember the just some of the vast history and culture of resistance of the AAPI community. Within this segment of the episode Jordon continues to work to dispel myths and hateful narratives of this community, and works to help the listener see that this community is impossible to limit, and should be seen and treated as human beings. 

Within the episode Jordon puts together a musical experience that encompasses some of his favorite songs and artists from last year and this year, ranging from jazz, Mexican folk music, hip hop, indie, soul and R&B, Japanese pop, and more.  Jordon makes it all flow together, bringing a beautiful and introspective experience to an episode that is meant to connect to the listener and hopefully move them to thinking about this issue and how they can aid in the AAPI community. With touching music from artists like St. Vincent, Earl Sweatshirt and Armand Hammer, Enji, Anouar Brahem, songs about liberation form Chris Kando Iijima, Nobuko Miyamoto and "Charlie" Chin, KeiyaA, and CHAI, music to dance to from Toro y Moi, Jerry Paper, and DJ Harrison, Jordon creates a listening experience that will positively effect the listener. The same is Jordon's intent and hope for this episode. 

Thank you for listening to the Jordon River Radio Show.


The Illustration on the Episode Artwork is by Jonathan D. Chang. Please check out his work at


Please support the AAPI community in their fight to live a life where their humanity is not disrespected or worse, but given the opportunity to have their humanity unbothered, respected, and cherished. 


Written by Jordon Briggs. Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi. Recorded and Mixed by Jordon Briggs. All segment music produced by Jordon Briggs.



1. Zavkhan--Enji

2. TwO--Silas Short

3. Cien Años--Natalia Lafourcase, Pepe Aguilar

4. We are the Children--Chris Kando Iijima, Nobuko Miyamoto, "Charlie" Chin 

5. Endegena--Hailu Mergia, The Walias

6. You the One Fish in the Sea--Liv.e

7. Do Yourself a Favor--KeiyaA

8. Le pas du chat noir--Anouar Brahem

9. Tabula Rasa--Earl Sweatshirt feat. Armand Hammer

10. The Only Constant--Homebody Sandman

11. Reese's Cup--Curren$y and The Alchemist

12. Somebody Like Me--St. Vincent

13. Hometown Dream--Helado Negro

14. No Classification-Maylee Todd

15. Baby Blues--Audrey Nuna

16. Nobody Knows We Are Fun--CHAI

17. Just Say Play--Jerry Paper

18. Millennium--Toro y Moi

19. Dionysian State--Mild High Club

20. Be Better-DJ Harrison

21. IN PINK--CHAI feat. Mndsgn

Episode Twelve: LA Music Series--The Music of and Conversation with Generación Suicida

Welcome to Episode Twelve, the fourth episode in my LA Music series! On this episode I'm conversing with and bringing you the music of Generación Suicida! GS is a hardcore punk band from South Central LA and one of the most popular bands in the underground hardcore scene in LA. The group consists of Tony, lead vocals and guitar, Elias on bass and background vocals, Kiwi on drums and background vocals and Mario on guitar and they are one of the most creative bands in underground, punk rock, and music in general, as well as a band who actively try to create progressive change for their community with their music. GS's creativity comes through in a variety of ways and it's showcased in this episode. Whether its in their effortless blending of non traditional punk musical elements into their music like Mexican folk music or guitar chords found in other genres of rock, or mimicking the sound of machine guns to drive home the communal and personal affects of police brutality, or delivering precise lyrics that give you some of the most deepest insight into the human condition you'll hear in music. All of GS songs are sung in Spanish with their own original takes on the language, and whether you understand the lyrics right away or not, you will feel this music. 

Throughout the episode you'll get to hear GS's amazing music and hear my conversation with Tony, Kiwi, and Elias! We talk about their motto "musica del barrio, para el barrio, and how that stance influences the music they make, these three's favorite musical memories, how Kiwi has overcome and continues to fight against  sexism in the punk scene, how punk became mode of expression for them, instilling pride into the people in their community and more!


I'm so excited for you to listen to this episode and hear some amazing music and a great conversation.


Thank you Tony, Kiwi, and Elias for taking the time to talk with me. It was really fun, educational, and a good time! I appreciate you. Next time Mario!


Written by Jordon Briggs. Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi. Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Logan




1. Mis Ojos- from the album Sombras
2. Rompe El Silencio-from the album Reflejos
3. Nacidos-from the album Regeneración
4. Jualas-from Regeneración
5. Nadie Se Escapa De Aki-from Reflejos
6. Identidad-from Regeneración
7. Ke Mas Kieres De Mi-from Sombras
8. Dices-from the album Con La Muerte a Tu Lado
9. Metralleta-from Con La Muerte a Tu Lado
10.Balas Siempre Balas-from Regeneración 

To check out more music from Generación Suicida find them on bandcamp and on all streaming services.

Episode Eleven: LA Music Series--LA Alternative

Welcome to Episode Eleven, the third episode in the LA Music series on current music from Los Angeles! On this episode Jordon gets into alternative music and puts together a collection of some of the best artists from LA and in music who not only make alternative music but expand as well as re-invent what is considered to be alternative music. From the colorful indie rock of Chicano Batman, the soulful, latin rooted doo wop of Trish Toledo, to the resurgence of New Wave lead by artists from Leaving Records, the haunting yet relatable heaviness of folks like Phoebe Bridgers and Girlpool, to the variety of styles of punk music coming from LA legends like Alice Bag and No Age and from newer acts like the Linda Linda's and KennyHoopla!

While the music flows in and out, Jordon explores what makes these artists working in alternative so special. Jordon discusses how these artists make fresh and original music while still sounding familiar and how doing this has influenced genres like indie, soul, funk, rock, pop, and others, and have helped define what we know to be these genres and what they are today. Jordon also spends time delving into the LA indie label Leaving Records who have always released music that challenges mainstream and indie music formulas, expectations, generic conventions, music business models, and musicality, and are currently at the forefront of revitalizing New Wave, making it relatable to a new generation of listeners. The episode then goes into a brief history of the Latinx community's contribution to creating hardcore punk and being a group responsible for hardcore's prominence in the U.S. Keeping with artists from LA's contribution to punk, Jordon talks about the LA artists right now who are pushing pop punk in a new direction. 

Thank you for taking some time to get into some more music, music cultures, music histories, and music scenes from LA! Thank you for listening to the show! 

Written by Jordon Briggs. Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi. Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Logan


1. Color my Life--Chicano Batman
2. Amor Extrano--Katzu Oso
3. Fools--Drugdealer
4. Feeler--No Age
5. For The First Time--Best Coast
6. Up From a Dream--HAIM
7. Thee Only One--Trish Toledo 
8. The Sun Will Rise Again--Galdre Visions
9. Come Wander--Nailah Hunter
10. Halloween--Phoebe Bridgers
11. All I Really Want Is You--The Marias
12. Royal Fern--Green-House
13. Pretty--Girlpool
14. Dark Horse--L.A. Witch
15. Los Angeles--The Bird and The Bee
16. Dollar--Electric Guest
17. Grunge Bond--Deep Valley
18. hollywood sucks//--KennyHoopla feat. Travis Barker
19. Mahisagar Ni Are--Doctors & Engineers
20. Oh!--The Linda Linda's
21. Spark--Alice Bag

Episode Ten: The Music of and Conversation w/
Bad Mother Nature

Welcome to Episode 10 of the radio show!!! On this episode Jordon has a great conversation with one of his favorite bands, Bad Mother Nature! In this convo, Jordon reunites with his old friends Corey (Bass, Guitar, Background Vocals) and Axel (Guitars, Vocals) and gains new ones in Ryan (Keyboards, Vocals) and Jon (Drums) while they talk about the guys' experiences in the music industry as a band on the rise, their song writing process, hilarious tour stories,  being a rock band during a resurgence of traditional rock n roll, their favorite musical memories and more. 

The episode features just some of Bad Mother Nature's powerful, technically proficient, and beautifully crafted songs and showcases the bands original sound. 


Through songs that bring us into relatable and precise emotions about feeling out of place, searching for a sense of self, being on a path towards self improvement, and many other human experiences, Bad Mother Nature is able to bring a breath a fresh air to rock n roll and while staying inspired by the legends, remain authentic in their sound. These guys are fun and caring folks and it was a great time having them on the show! Hope you all enjoy this. Thank you Bad Mother Nature! 

Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi. Recorded by Jordon Briggs. Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Logan.

Segment music by Jordon Briggs and Jerry Sypkens aka LOVEHALFBLACK 



1. Let Me Die Easy--from Heavysong

2. At The Gates of Olympus--from Heavysong

3. Rest Of Me--from Heavysong

4. Strange Weather--from Porcelain Martyr EP

5. Old Soul--from Porcelain Martyr EP

To check out more from Bad Mother Nature you can find them on all streaming platforms! Also check out their website

Special Episode: Jordon's Favorite Songs of 2020

I'm excited to share with you for the first and definitely not the last my favorite songs of the year! Inspired by my partner Emily Yamauchi and my good friend's Ryan Price's requests to share our favorites songs of 2020 I put together this episode/DJ Set for you all to check out! 


These are 40 of the songs that I couldn't get enough of this year. Songs that helped me through loss, songs that I played so much in the shower, or that I put on the mixes I made for folks, songs I listened to on the road, and from artists I had the opportunity to have on the show! I'm playing a wide ride of music that all sounds amazing together.


I also take some time to talk about some of these songs impact on me this year, and some of my favorite musical memories. So happy I did this! Thank you to Emily for inspiring me to do this mix. I love you! Thank you Ryan for inspiring me as well. I love you! To Everyone who has supported the show thank you so much. I hope you enjoy!

Written by Jordon Briggs, Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi, Mixed and Recorded by Jordon Briggs


1. The Message Continues--Nubya Garcia

2. Hold On--Little Dragon]

3. Babae Ka--Han Han

4. Mr. Wu--Kamal Williams

5. Waking Up Down--Yaeji

6. Cholla--Jerry Paper

7. Live Your Life Good--Vex Ruffin

8. Rack Of His--Fiona Apple

9. Unto the Dust--Ka

10. Dinosaurs--Lupe Fiasco and Kaelin Ellis

11. The Never Ending Story--Jay Electronica

12. That's All/Azure-Te--Diana Krall

13. Ya No Vivo por Vivir--Natalia Lafourcade feat. Leonel Garcia

14. Inner World--Dirty Projectors

15. learn--Knxledge

16. The Joy of Love--Steve Arrington

17. Dragonball Durag--Thundercat

18. Blue--Blue & Exile

19. Baby Steps--The Twilite Tone

20. Pinto--Boldy James

21. damn Right--Audrey Nuna

22. Comme des Garcon--Riwya Sawiyama

23. Dispossession-Algeirs

24. At Best--Lily Konigsberg

25. Maestranza--Fleet Foxes

26. Kyoto--Phoebe Bridgers

27. Legend--Benny The Butcher & Hit Boy

28. Sudden Death--Quelle Chris and Chris Keys

29. 3AM--HAIM

30. Moment of Joy--Chicano Batman

31. Remember Where You Are--Jesse Ware

32. Hari Kari--Navy Blue

33. Fabus Foo Geemix--Jyoti, Georgia Anne Muldrow

34. Koreatown Oddity--The Koreatown Oddity

35. Who Eats Wings Like That--The Alchemist

36. 1985--Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist

37. whats home? 1/2-- MIKE

38. Maria--Boldy James

39. XIV @MarcKings--The Growth Eternal

40. Ruby My Dear--Thelonious Monk

41.Hard Target--Action Bronson

Episode Nine: Best Music of 2020 feat. D'Artagnan Byrd

Welcome to the Best Music of 2020 featuring my brother artist and co host of the Technical Difficulties podcast D'Artagnan Byrd. This is the rado show's first live show! On this episode Dart and Jordon continue building their tradition of showcasing and discussing the best music of the year and the culture surrounding that and this time they are joined by friends and fellow music lovers who give their insight on this year's music. 


While playing the best in indie, hip hop, pop, r&b, alternative, jazz and others, the two discuss music and musicians response to the corona virus and quarantine, the burst in creativity from artists, remembering the healing power of music and more. After being joined by the homies, a conversation about the impact women had on music begins and more voices discuss how women artist pushed the boundaries of topics, creating lasting changes and expanded the range of subject matter as well as what made the best music the best this year. Dart and Jordon also share their opinions on the biggest artist of the year: Meg the Stallion and their favorite musical discoveries. 


Get ready for an entertaining and thoughtful experience! There was so much great music and positives in an interesting year and the group captured it! Thank you for listening and see you next year!


Special thanks to De'andre Bell, Mixili Escabedo, Doraius Lacy, Ryan Price, Emily Price, Julian Spears, Ryan Smith (co host of Technical Difficulties) and Petri Byrd for joining in. I appreciate you.

Written by Jordon Briggs and D'Artagnan Byrd, Produced by Jordon Briggs, D'Artagnan Byrd, and Emily Yamauchi, Mixed by Stephen Logan


1. Breathe Deeper--Tame Impala

2. Cholla--Jerry Paper

3. Remember Where You Are--Jesse Ware

4. 24K--Tkay Maidza

5. Savage Remix--Meg The Stallion feat. Beyonce

6. Runnin--21 Savage and Metro Boomin

7. Lockdown--Anderson .Paak

8. Dragonball Durag--Thundercat

9. Life is Good--Drake and Future

10.Bussit--Ari Lennox

11. Dinosaurs--Lupe Fiasco, Kaelin Ellis, Virgil Abloh

12. Babies & Fools--Freddie Gibbs and the Alchemist

13. But Beautiful--Diana Krall

14. peace--Taylor Swift

15. 3AM--HAIM

16. Fetch The Bolt Cutters--Fiona Apple

17. Virile--Moses Sumney

18. Pinto--Boldy James

19. WAP--Cardi B. feat. Meg The Stallion

20. Laugh Now Cry Later--Drake feat. Lil Durk

21.Live Your Life Good--Vex Ruffin

22. Legend--Benny the Butcher and Hit Boy

follow D'Artagnan Byrd on Instagram @dartbyrdart and check out the Technical Difficulties Podcast Here!

Episode Eight: LA Series-The New Mecca of Hip Hop--Los Angeles featuring @LOVEHALFBLACK/ Jerry Sypkens

Episode Eight and the second episode of my series on current music, musical movements, and musical culture in Los Angeles. On this episode I have my best friend, music producer, musician, and one of the most knowledgeable people on music I know, Jerry Sypkens also known as LOVEHALFBLACK!!! We discuss why we think Los Angeles is producing the best music in hip hop! This was initial idea I had that birthed the LA music series and I'm so happy to talk about it and I believe make a good case on why Los Angeles is and has been the Mecca of Hip Hop for some time. Also Jerry's music is featured on each segment (the first song) and Segment three (second song)! 


Jerry and I discuss three essential areas of what makes a city the epicenter for Hip Hop: lyrical efficiency, highest level in musicality, and cultural and worldwide influence. We talk about the lyrical abilities of global level artists like Kendrick Lamar,  Tyler the Creator, Nipsey Hussle, Murs, and Dom Kennedy and how mc's from LA cover many styles of rapping, tell the best stories, and how they're lyrics give a deeper and introspective look into the lives the artists rap about. We also talk about how LA began to sound original during the time of Atlanta's dominance with trap music and how from 2014 until now how LA rappers create in their own sound in the mainstream and kept making great indie and underground records, and have shown expansiveness and originality in their music to become the Mecca of Hip Hop. We discuss the influence that LA Rap music and culture has had on Hip Hop culture, American culture, and the world with music, gang culture, protest music, slang, fashion and more. We also get into some of our favorite musical memories--for Jerry it was seeing LA artist Dam-Funk perform live and his embodiment of LA culture, and for me it was dancing on a crosswalk to Kendrick Lamar!


We play mainstream, independent, underground artists and mc's that exist in all three areas and in their own lanes. There are so many great rappers from LA and here is a good batch of folks that show why Los Angeles is the place where the best Hip Hop lives. 

Written by Jordon Briggs and Jerry Sypkens, Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi. Mixed by Stephen Logan.


1. Incredible Hulk--Murs and 9th Wonder

2. The Bloodiest--Jay Rock

3. Last Time that I Checced--Nipsey Hussle

4. Bullies--D Smoke

5. European Vacation--DJ Quick and Problem (feat. AMG)

6. Bohemian Grove--Ab Soul

7. A BOY IS A GUN--Tyler the Creator

8. Gorgeous--Pac Div

9. With U--Jay Worthy

10. Me vs. Me--Domo Genesis

11. Drunk--Schoolboy Q (feat. 6LACK)

12. All Alone--Dumbfoundead

13. One Blood, One Cuzz--Snoop Dogg

14. Rules--Doja Cat

15. Trouble on Central--Buddy

16.  Jealous--YG

17. DNA--Kendrick Lamar

18. Maria--03 Greedo

19. Pharaohs--Dom Kennedy and Jay 305 (feat. The Game)

20. Arrest The President--Ice Cube

21. Yu vs. Yu--KXNG Crooked

22. Don't Get Chipped--Vince Staples (feat. Jay Rock)

23. Married to the Money--Dreako the Ruler

24. Silent Ride--Boogie

25. Rain Drops--Evidence

26. TRUE STORY--Azjah

27. Ontheway!--Earl Sweatshirt

28. Blue as I can Be-- Blue and Exile

29. We Get Around--People Under The Stairs

Check out and follow Jerry at @lovehalfblack on all social media platforms!

Episode Seven Part Three: LA Music Series--The Music of and Conversation with The Koreatown Oddity

Its Episode Seven Part Three featuring the music and conversation of emcee and producer the Koreatown Oddity! Ktownodd has been making music that sets himself far apart from peers in underground hip hop and has made him original and unique artists in hip hop in general. From how his raps are direct, humorous, honest, and funky, writing his lyrics in order for the listener to hear philosophy, and universal truths without coming off preachy, only wanting to help, to kicking raw, uninhibited raps with the freedom rarely heard in hip hop acts. 


Little Dominiques Nosebleeds is Ktown odds latest album. He brings back the narrative hip hop album, a concept and form which hasn’t been done in awhile and puts his own unique fixings to make it sound distinctive and fresh. Inspired by several car accidents he experienced as a child which brought him closer to a higher power and made him more insightful, he talks about his tales, how they impacted him, and while giving literal oral history of black people in the area of Koreatown in Los Angeles. Along with stellar production that makes the album cinematic and times novel-esc, Little Dominiques Nosebleeds is a great album about a number of experiences for a human being that grows them into who they are, and is full of fresh stories on the human experience. 


In our conversation, we talk about the album, his inspiration for making a personal album, what influenced him to uplift others while in a place of self affirmation, what it’s like to be on Stones Throw Records, the black persons lived experience as the black experience, our love for Taraji P Henson (this will make you laugh), his work with the late legendary LA producer Ras G (featured on Episode Seven part 2) and a lot more. 


Thank you Ktownodd for talking with me. This was a blessing in many ways. Thank you all for listening, and for coming to the River!

Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi

Recorded by Jordon Briggs, Mixed by Stephen Logan and Jordon Briggs.


Episode photo by @incogneeto


1. Little Dominiques Nosebleeds feat. Sudan Archives and Doria Purdy-- from Little Dominique's Nosebleeds

2. The Koreatown Oddity--from Little Dominique's Nosebleeds

3. Attention Challenge feat. Skyler Duff, Corine Atkinson, Fatlip, Giovanni Marks, Nita Darling, and Swift--from Little Dominique's Nosebleeds

4. Yesterday's News--from Finna Be Past Tense

5.Ginkabiloba feat. Taz Arnold--from Little Dominiques's Nosebleeds

6. Weed in LA--from Little Dominique's Nosebleeds

7. Looking Back from the Future feat.Baby Rose and C.S. Armstrong --from Little Dominique's Nosebleeds

8.No Llores feat. Trent Truce, Edule, Emmanuel Coto--from Little Dominique's Nosebleeds

9.Kimchi--from Little Dominique's Nosebleeds

10. Bless by the Trees (Koreatown Oddity and Ras G)--from The 5 Chuckles


To check out more music from  Koreatown Oddity you can find him on all streaming platforms!

Episode Seven Part Two: LA Music Series- Stones Throw Records, Turn The Music Up!

Welcome back for Part Two of Episode Seven on Stones Throw Records as a part of the series on the current music, musical scenes, musical culture and musical movements of Los Angeles! On this Episode Jordon continues showcasing the music of Stones Throw and lets the audience experience the range and scope of the music that the label blesses the world with. From recent releases (16 in the last five months) to younger and newer artists, to some essential acts, and classic tracks, Jordon has the music flowing! The music includes alternative, jazz, meditation music, punk, hip hop, instrumental, and some 80's electro! Enjoy this fun mix and Turn It Up as we continue to see what makes Stones Throw one of the most important labels in the land!

Produced by Emily Yamauchi and Jordon Briggs

Recorded and Mixed by Jordon Briggs


1. Fitta Happier--Quakers

2. Me--Dudley Perkins

3. Main St.--White Boiz

4. Tonight--Prophet

5. Cholla--Jerry Paper

6.Good Looking--Kiefer

7. Dopestyle--Peanut Butter Wolf

8. Infenite Eyes--Jamael Dean

9. Kokopelli--Mild High Club

10.Arroyo Saco--John Carrol Kirby

11. KalimbaTale--DJ Harrison

12. Cia--Karriem Riggins

13. TED Talk--Jonwayne

14. Turn Around--Baron Zen

15. Whenimondamic--Lootpack

16. Move--Oh No feat. Roc C

17. Signal--Automatic

18. Yang Yang--Anika

19. Darlin--James Pants

20. Party--J Rocc

21.Kinky Nation--The Egyptian Lover

22. Legends--Chrome Canyon

23. Hollywood Walk of Fame--Sofie

24.La Floe De La Canela--Frankie Reyes

25. Gary Saw Linda Last Night--Gary Wilson

26. Roles--The Steoples

27. long time--Samiyam

28.Dip--Ras G

Episode Seven Part One: LA Music Series--Stones Throw Records

Welcome to the start of The Music of LA series! On first the episode Jordon discusses the legendary LA based label Stones Throw Records. Founded by DJ and artist Peanut Butter Wolf, Stones Throw has been around for 24 years and has been revered for putting artists and art first, being a home for folks to push and redefine the boundaries in all genres of music, and being one of the most pivotal labels for putting out and preserving independent hip hop artists and their work.


Jordon delves into Stones Throw's beginnings and how the label has existed for so long, the importance of the label for artists, listeners, and how the label is an example of true independence in the music industry, and the impact of J Dilla, an essential part of Stones Throw Records legacy and one of hip hop's greatest artists. The label is known for its diverse releases that include all genres and the episode is filled with the sounds of funk, jazz, soul, hip hop, instrumental, R&B, and alternative.


The city and music of Los Angeles has always been special and important to Jordon, and what better way to talk about what's special than to explore its many good things! This the first of five episodes on the music and music scenes out of Los Angeles today!


Thank you for stopping by the River!

Written by Jordon Briggs, Produced by Emily Yamauchi and Jordon Briggs

Mixed by Jordon Briggs


1. Can't Hold on--M.E.D.

2. Meat Grinder--Madvillian

3. Messiah--Los Retros

4. I'm Still At It--Vex Ruffin

5. to spare--Peyton

6. Sunny Afternoon--Benny Sings

7.Confessions--Sudan Archives

8. Prelude--Yesterdays New Quintet

9. Come On Feet--Quasimoto

10.Hit da Pavement--7 days of Funk

11. Lingerie and Candlewax--Mayor Hawthorne

11. Soon to be Large--Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf

12.Feel Your Arms Around Me--Stimulator Jones

13.Be With--Koushik

14.15.Crystal Lagoon--Rejoicer

15. Camelblues--Mndsgn

16. Nightshift in Blue--Jonti

17. Suede--NxWorries

18. Fruitflies--Gabriel Garzon Montano

19. I Need a Dollar--Aloe Blacc

20.Wrong Way--Georgia Anne Muldrow

21. The Joys of Love--Steve Arrington

21.Space Invaders--The Twilite Tone

23. The $--J Dilla

24. The Official--Jaylib

25. Two Can Win--J Dilla

26 .Dila Says Go--J Dilla

Episode Six: The Music of and Conversation with HAN HAN

Welcome to Episode Six of the Jordon River Radio Show featuring the music of one global music's and raps up and coming emcees, HAN HAN. I got the opportunity to interview HAN HAN for a profile piece in 2019 but the piece was put on hold due setbacks and after given the go ahead by Han, it turned into an amazing conversation for you all to hear! In 2014, she self-released her debut album, Han Han, which was praised by NOW Magazine, the Huffington Post, and the CBC. The single ‘World Gong Crazy’ was nominated for "Best Song" at the in Berlin Music Video Awards  2017. The record also led to a publishing deal with EMI, high-quality film / television placements, and international radio play in Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. Her music has been featured in the Amazon Original Series series "Mad Dogs", and her voice was recently sampled for the trailer for the upcoming Aretha Franklin movie. 

We discuss Han's path into hip hop, how personal stories connects fellow cultures, finding one's identity as an artist, the influence and incorporation of Filipino traditional instruments in her music, her detailing ideas and concepts for her second album before it came out (!) her musical influences from Lauryn Hill to Nirvana, to Damien Marley, and more!
Thank you coming through and chilling at the River!

Original Segment music by Jordon Briggs and Jerry Sypkens aka @lovehalfblack (music at 1hr and 27min till end)

 Recorded and Mixed and Produced by Jordon Briggs


1. Kailan Kaya-- from HAN HAN

2. Be Iba-- from HAN HAN

3. Mandirigma--from URDUJA

4. Babae Ka--from URDUJA

5. Manhid --from URDUJA

6 Cebuana--from HAN HAN

7. Take a Muna--from URDUJA

8. Mare--from URDUJA

9. Halika Na-from URDUJA

10.World Gong Crazy--from HAN HAN

To check out more from Han Han visit

Episode Five: Best Music Of 2019 featuring guest D'artagnan Byrd

It's the end of a wild and interesting year, and the music of 2019 matched that. On this episode, podcaster and music head and Jordon's BFF D'Artagnan Byrd joins the show and the two discuss trends of music from the success and impact of Boom Bap rap in the Trap dominate hip hop genre, the influence on the two of the complexities and unapologetic expression of women in music, and an overall theme in the music of 2019: fearlessness. Jordon and Dart breakdown what made the music of 2019 prolific, and discuss the greatness of art from Lizzo, Tyler the Creator, Danny Brown, Solange, and hip hop's beloved breakout act, Griselda records, and more-- and they talk about their favorite music memories of the year! This year featured so much good music from so many places and voices and displayed so much creativity and showed artist moving toward self assurance. We got the best music of the year on this episode and you know it's all flowing. Thank you for listening! Happy music 2019!

PLEASE NOTE: 1hr 44min to 1hr 48min music gets a little loud but vocals can still be heard. Thank you for listening!

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Jordon Briggs and D'artagnan Byrd


1. Crime Pays-Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

2. Under the Sun-Dreamville feat. J.Cole, Lute, and DaBaby

3. Realer-Megan Thee Stallion

4. Hot- Young Thug feat. Gunna

5. GIOVANNI-Jamila Woods

6. Lick--Offset

7. BOP-DaBaby


9. Dirty Laundry- Danny Brown

10. You Aint The Problem- Michael Kiwanuka

11. Patience- Tame Impala

12. LA Lisa-SiR

13. Maya- Rapsody feat. K. Roosevelt

14. Jesus, Please Forgive Me Im a Thot-JPEGMAFIA

15. ERFQUAKE-Tyler the Creator

16. Juice-Lizzo

17. Glorious- Sudan Archives

18. Location-Dave feat. Burna Boy

19. HIGHEST IN THE ROOM-Travis Scott

20. Ordinary Pleasures-Toro y Moi

21. Starry Night-Peggy Gou

22. Almeda-Solange

23. Flower Moon-Vampire Weekend feat. Steve Lacy

24 Malibu Ken-Aesop Rock

25. Pesto-Wiki

26. Dark and Handsome-Blood Orange

27. Hurry on Home- Slater Kenny

28. Dr. Birds-Griselda Records

29. Best Life Danny Brown

Episode Four Part Two: Women's Voices- Women's Voices Now featuring interview w/ Karen Davis

Welcome to Part 2 of the Women's Voices Episode, Current Women Artists originally slated for Women's History month but any month is a good month to hear Women's Voices! On this Episode, the Jordon River Radio Show welcomes its first guest Karen Davis, a Senior Film Programmer at the Mill Valley Film Festival, an Educator of 20 years, and a musician. Flowing in and out are some of Jordon's favorite women artists and some of today's newest and established women artists like M.I.A. St Vincent, Noname, The Kills, Peggy Gou, and Princess Nokia and more. Jordon talks with Karen about their love for and the personal influence of Grace Jones, Karen's time in the all girl post punk band Wilma, (link to music below) and some history of the women's punk scene in the Bay Area, and her favorite musical memory: grabbing dinner with and interviewing the Father of Afro Beat, Fela Kuti and much more. Get hype for a great and interesting conversation and to hear the expansiveness of where women have taken music.


Special thanks to Karen Davis


Produced by Emily Yamauchi and Jordon Briggs. Recorded by Jordon Briggs. Mixed by Stephen Logan




1. P.O.W.A. -M.I.A.

2. It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)-Peggy Gou

3. Now Now-St. Vincent

4. Zebra-Beach House

5. Tomboy-Princess Nokia

6. Esperanza Spalding--Rest in Pleasure

7. Flashback -Kelis

8. Marylin-Bat for Lashes

9. Show You Off-Chairlift

10. That's Alright-Laura Mavula

11. Diddy Bop-Noname ft. Cam Obi & Raury

12. The Races-The Bird and The Bee

13. Tears Dry On There Own-Amy Winehouse

13. IRM-Charlotte Gainsbourg

14. DNA-The Kills

15. 1234-Feist

16. Pay Up-Rapsody

17. Queens-Theesatisfaction

18. Something Came Over Me-Wild Flag

19. Wake Up-Sudan Archives

20. Hungry Hippo-Tierra Whack

21. Stay Flo- Solange

22. Screwed-Janelle Monae ft. Zoe Kravitz

Special Episode: Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

This is a special episode in celebration and honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. On this episode Jordon puts together a mix of music from folks of the Asian Diaspora! From The Philippines to New York, From Canada to Hong Kong, From Korea, to LA, to the Bay Area, Jordon showcases the vast and wide range of sounds from the Asian Diasporic communities and these communities' take on indigenous pieces, re-imaginations and original works, of dance, hip hop, jazz, funk, indie rock, and pop, and more. The music is full of experiences, narratives, and showcases the extreme talent and the possibilities of what music can be. Let's celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month at the River!

Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi. Mixed and Engineered by Jordon Briggs 




1. Han Pan--Peggy Gou
2. Kanadyan--Han Han
3. Laws of The Universe--Toro Y moi
4. The Origin (Interlude)--Mndsgn
5. Cosmic Perspective--Mndsgn
6. Attention--Rich Brian feat. Offset
7. IDK--Kid Trunks
8. Inner Voices--Awkwafina
9. Us--Ruby Ibarra feat.Rocky Rivera, Faith Santilla, Klassy 
10. Blades--Heems
11. Feel it Out--Yaeji
12. In My House--Little Dragon
13. Dream Chorus--Tokimonsta
14. I Don’t Remember How It Began-- Takuya Kuroda
15. Everybody Loves You--Japanese Breakfast
16. Washing Machine Heart--Mitski
17. Safe--Dumbfoundead
19. Eternal Sunshine—Epik High
20. Made in China--Higher Brothers
21. Ordinary Superstar--Rina Sawayama
22. Redeemer--Karen O, Danger Mouse
23. Pull up the People—M.I.A.
24. Forevermore--Yuna

Episode Four Part One: Women's Voices-The Throwbacks

It's part one of two episodes celebrating Women's Voices. The second episode will be all current female artists. On this episode, I put together a collection of some of the greatest artists, groups, and female led bands to celebrate the expansive, genius, and dynamic musical works of women. Women's voices take the forefront, as Jordon incorporates the words of some of the world's most influential women in culture such as Angela Davis and Trinh T. Minh Ha and mixes together music going from the 60's through the early 2000's--From communication forward lyrics of Joni Mitchell, the personal, self asserting, proclamations of Reggae legendary artist Sister Nancy, to the unmistakable piano play and vocals of Vanessa Carlton, and the creative, poignant sounds of Janet Jackson. I give you the Throwback collection sure to have you dancing, remembering, and laughing. IT'S WOMEN'S VOICES AT THE RIVER!!!

Produced by Jordon Briggs and Emily Yamauchi. Mixed and Engineered by Jordon Briggs




1. Audre Lorde, Writer, Activist on Silence
2. Let Me Blow Ya Mind- Eve feat. Gwen Stefani
3. Slave to The Rhythm- Grace Jones
4. All I Want- Joni Mitchell
5. Gloria- Patti Smith
6. Free Xone- Janet Jackson
7. Bam Bam- Sister Nancy
8. Get Ur Freak On- Missy Elliot
9. Stacyanne Chan, Writer, Poet, Activist on Identity
10. Kiss Me- Sixpence None the Richer
11. White Houses- Vanessa Carlton
12. Watching Me- Jill Scott
13. Black Coffee- Sarah Vaughn
14. Photograph- Astrud Gilberto
15. Little Blue Girl- Nina Simone
16 Sally- Sade
17. Angela Davis, Activist, Black Revolutionary, Writer, Professor on Feminism and Intersectionality
18. Fast As You Can- Fiona Apple
19. Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
20. Simple Kind of Life- No Doubt
21. No Scrubs- TLC
22. Winter Song- Au Revoir Simone
23. Erykah Badu- Touch A Four Leaf Clover
24. Trinh T. Minh Ha- Filmmaker, Writer, Professor on Feminism and Collectives
25. Stop- Spice Girls
26. Stronger- Brittany Spears

Episode Three Part One: All The Stars

It's Awards season! And you know what that means-- it's Oscar time! For this month's episode Jordon takes you through relaxing instrumentals, light rock, boppin jazz, classical music powerful hip hop, and some of this awards season's Best Song Nominees, in a collection spanning the course of recent movie history. The Oscars is usually a big topic especially this year with the close race for Best Picture and a bigger year for inclusion. Jordon gives more insight on the site he is working on called the Color of

Cinema and the importance on films featuring poc's being apart of the Film Academy and gives his Oscar predictions. Its another chill and eclectic but flowing collection on the Jordon River and deeper dive into pop culture. Its time for Movie Music! Thank You for Coming on through!


Produced by Jordon Briggs and Stephen Logan, Engineered and Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Logan




1. Cesi Bon- Ertha Kit (Something's Gotta Give)
2. You're A Mean One-Tyler the Creator (The Grinch)
3. Mr. Blue Sky- Electric Light Orchestra (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
4. City Girl- Kevin Shields (Lost In Translation)
5. Playground Love-Air (The Virgin Suicides)
6. Let Me Show You My Boat- Mark Mothersbaugh (The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou)
7. 165 Million+ Interest -David Holmes (Oceans 12)
8. Say Hey-Bradford Marsalis Quartet and Terrence Blachard (Mo Betta Blues)
9. Bang Bang-Nancy Sinatra (Kill Bill Vol. 1)
10. Agape- Nicolas Britall (If Beale Street Could Talk)
11. Stand Out-Tevin Campbell (A Goofy Movie)
12. 1 Thing-Amerie (Hitch)
13. Change The World- Eric Clapton feat. Babyface (Phenomenon)
14. Where Is My Mind-The Pixies (Fight Club)
15. Fight The Power-Public Enemy (Do The Right)
16. Dat's Love (Habenera)-Georges Bizel & Herschel Burke Gillbert (Carmen Jones)
17. Day O (The Bannana Boat Song)- Harry Belefonte (Beattlejuice)
18. Take Me There -Blackstreet, Blicky Blink, Mase Kya (The Rugrats Movie)
19. All Star-Smashmouth (Shrek)
20. Scandalous- Prince (Batman Soundtrack)
21. I'm a Mean Ole Lion-Ted Ross (The Wiz)
22. I Like Me Better-Lauve (To All the Boys I loved Before)
23. Hopeless-Dionne Farris (Love Jones)
24. End Theme-Isaac Hayes (Shaft)
25. Redbone-Childish Gambino (Get Out)
26. All the Stars-Kendrick Lamar and ZSA (Black Panther)

Episode Two: In Spirit

Welcome Back! Happy New Year! On this month’s Episode, Jordon puts together a collection of Soul, Hip Hop, and R&B influenced and inspired by Spirituality and Good vibes. It’s 2019, The Year of Positivity as Jordon deems it. Also on the Episode, Jordon talks about his early beginnings on his own personal journey to his own spiritual stance, and ties that into the inspiration he and others feel from arguably one of the greatest emcee’s of all time, Jay Electronica. He also takes on some negative criticism of this years Golden Globe Awards in an effort to continue spreading positivity. Welcome back to the River! Let’s stay light!

Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by Jordon Briggs


  1. Pyramids- Madlib

  2. Door to the Cosmos- Sun Ra

  3. Dots and Lines- Lupe Fiasco

  4. The Healer- Erykah Badu

  5. Little Brother- Black Star

  6. Again-  Ill Camille feat. Fernando Pullum, Community Arts Center, Marcus Zgarvey and Ryck Jane

  7. Make You Feel That Way- Blackalicious

  8. Eternal Sunshine- Jay Electronica

  9. Say Ladeo- Bobby McFerrin

  10. Music is My Sactuary- Gary Bartz

  11. I Love I Jah-  Bad Brains

  12. Black Jesus- Yasiin Bey

  13. Lotus and the Jondy- Thundercat

  14. Do the Astral Plane- Flying Lotus

  15. Forerunner Foray- Shabazz Palaces

  16. Touch in Mine- Espeanza Spalding

  17. My Family- Kamasi Washington

  18. Runaway- Georgia Anne Muldrow

  19. Sellin Soap- Standing on the Corner

  20. The Mint- Earl Sweatshirt-feat. Navy Blue

  21. Love Is...- Common 

Pilot Episode: All Together

The Beginning! Come through to the River to hear Jordon mix together Funk, Soul, Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, and the music in between from past and present and bring it all together to create a flowing feel good show.  Also, Jordon gives his opinion on who did the year in Cinema belong to? Black Panther was big and so was Crazy Rich Asians, and A Star is Born seems to be this year's darling. See who had the biggest year according to Jordon. Check it out! Thank you for listening, and spending time at the River!

Produced by Emily Yamauchi. Mixed by Stephen Logan and Jerry Sypkens


  1. Freelance-Toro Y Moi

  2. A.D.H.D- Kendrick Lamar

  3. The Brith of Petey Wheatstraw-Georgia Anne Muldrow

  4. Dang-Fatima

  5. You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks-Funkadelic

  6. A Brand New Me-Aretha Franklin

  7. Do You Dig You-Q Tip

  8. Homage-Mild High Club

  9. Lover Chanting-Little Dragon

  10. My God-Jerry Paper

  11. Give My All-Stimulator Jones

  12. The Next Movement- The Roots feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jazzfantastees

  13. Nowhere 2 Go-Earl Sweatshirt

  14. Nardis-Bill Evans Trio

  15. Raid-Madvillain

  16. Water-Sudan Archives

  17. I Wonder U-Prince

  18. Orlando-Blood Orange

  19. The Gut-Homeboy Sandman &Edan

  20. Sierra Leone-Frank Ocean

  21. Starman-Seu Jorge

  22. Here and Now-Budgie

  23. Keep on Knockin-Death

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